A good read in Franchise Business magazine about Why 25 Minuite Meetings are easier than you think.

I was thrilled to be featured in Janine Garner's Unleashing Brilliance Podcast.

Are You Dragging The Wrong People Into Pointless Meetings?

We all complain about having to attend too many meetings. We wonder why we are at the meeting, in a cast of thousands, wading through dozens of boring reports that may or may not have an impact on our work.

How to run successful virtual meetings

Doing anything by distance takes twice the time and is half as good. We have to navigate time zone differences, language barriers and technological inconsistencies—whilst still running effective meetings.

6 tips to reduce the time you spend in meetings

It’s easy to emerge from a long meeting wondering why you were there and whether anything was achieved. Everyone complains about attending meetings, but there are ways to cut the time you spend in them.

The 25 Minute Meeting Book Review

Meetings generally get a bad rap. Some see them as a pointless drain on valuable work time. For others, they’re a great reason to get a sneaky hour of Candy Crush in while looking as if you’re paying attention. It’s hard to find anyone who actually finds them valuable.

The Six Types Of Meetings People Despise

I once heard a very senior leader in a global organisation remark, ‘You can have a long career here by going from one meeting to another and never actually doing any real work’. Can you relate?

How to do more in a meeting with less time

I was recently in a meeting as the change management expert for a global organization. I was there to gather information, as their meetings were notorious for being late and inefficient. But this meeting was different: a manager came into the room and announced before we started, ‘I have a hard stop at 10.30 am’.

Three Things That Can Immediately Improve Your Meetings At Work

Advertising and marketing professionals need meetings. When meetings work, then they are valuable. Clear actions get set, pitches are won and the whole business moves forward.

How to have super productive meetings in just 25 minutes

Stop for a minute and look at your calendar. How many of your meetings are 60 minutes or more?

Too often I have heard business people say that they spend all day in meetings, so their evenings (when they should be with their families, friends or enjoying leisure time) are spent doing their actual work or catching up on emails they have missed.