FIVE aa interview with Alan Hickey - 28 Aug 2018

Alan spoke with Donna about the five deadly meeting sins, namely around courtesy and respect, and how best to avoid them.

Best Practice Interview - 25 Aug 2018

Meetings should be short, sharp, productive affairs that are a treasure-trove for collaboration and getting work done.

Smart Company - 17 Aug 2018

Many of us are time-poor, stressed out, overwhelmed and on the verge of ‘death by meetings’. Our calendars are full of irrelevant or tedious back-to-back ‘catch-ups’ and our email is overloaded with messages screaming for attention.

The Australian -  Aug 2018

Thrilled to see The 25 Minute Meeting book reviewed, click the link to see the article in The Australian.

The Australian, 28 Jul 2018

A Harvard survey last year of 182 senior managers in a range of industries found that only 33 per cent of meetings are actually useful or purposeful.

HRM Online - 19 July 2018

Some people would rather watch paint dry than attend a meeting. What’s the answer?

The Weekend Australian - Jul 2018

Very excited to have my article on how shorter meetings are more efficient published in The Australian.