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Give the gift of Scan, Focus and Act

A colleague, Liz, was recently conducting a coaching conversation with a client. When the client arrived, Liz noticed that they were quite agitated. After some initial small talk it was clear that, while the client needed the coaching session, spending an hour in the meeting was not going to be useful for them.

Without announcing it, or making any outward changes, Liz decided to make it a 25-minute meeting, using the Scan, Focus and Act structure.

For 12 minutes she asked the client to describe what was going on (Scan). She then asked, ‘What is something you can do that would have an immediate effect?’ and they spent the next 8 minutes or so exploring some strategies she could undertake (Focus).

When the client identified two simple strategies they could use to get a bit of control back, Liz used 5 minutes to get her to commit to a plan and share how she would do that (Act). At this point, Liz suggested their work was done.

The client was happy. She had a plan for gaining some control back, and had another 30 minutes in her diary to do something else with her day. A gift for which she was very grateful.

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