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Why do we meet? Giving or Getting information Part 1 of 3 part series

In previous blogs I’ve discussed whether we should meet or not.  If we have decided we need to bring people together for a physical or virtual meeting, we still need to establish the purpose for the meeting.

When it comes to giving information, there are other more productive ways to share information.

  • Slide deck with a voice recording of yourself delivering the presentation
  • Paper with the important points highlighted.
  • Instant messaging apps to broadcast short messages.

When there are clear reasons for bringing people together, make sure you keep the message succinct.  I’m a fan of the rule of threes.  Three key points, messages or takeaways.

For getting information, we can also avoid having to bring people into a room. 

  • one on one phone calls
  • free tools like Survey Monkey to collect and collate data and responses
  • emailing questions.

If you still want to bring people together, to gather information from them, it’s important you have a process and assign a facilitator.

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